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Challenges Faced

Premium Christmas Trees supply trees, wreaths, and garlands to thousands of customers around the UK each year. The business sells wholesale to garden centres and offers their DSV (dropship vendor) model to other retailers including John Lewis.

Premium Christmas Trees had difficulty searching for a home delivery partner that was able to support the DSV areas of their business, whilst also ensuring customers received prompt and reliable customer messaging and tracking – with many elements not available with previous delivery partners.

Creating a Customer-Focused Festive Delivery Solution

ArrowXL has been working with Premium Christmas Trees over the festive period since 2020 with the delivery of their fragile and unusually shaped tree selection. Our partnership offers two-person home delivery, standard in-home services, industry expertise in handling, and guidance and support with their continued growth.

Premium Christmas Trees utilise our 48-hour nominated day delivery service that ensures their customers have flexibility and certainty around their delivery.

Our high-end customer messaging, full live tracking, and other communication throughout the customer journey are a selection of pivotal reasons for the continued partnership.

Sophie Holt, Director at Premium Christmas Trees

“ArrowXL are the key ingredient in us being able to operate our dropship business. Without them we could not do it and it would not be worthwhile. Customer expectations are only rising, so it is vital to partner with a delivery company that recognises this and has people who are willing to help us achieve our business goals.”


Over the last three years of partnership, Premium Christmas Trees has seen continued growth within their sector. In their first year of working alongside ArrowXL around 1,700 deliveries were successfully completed – a number they hadn’t managed to reach historically.

With damaged goods being a rarity, we are trusted to ensure their customers receive first-class customer experience from the point of purchase to delivery to room of choice – a service that we offer as standard.

In subsequent years since 2020 the upward trend has continued and 2022 is expected to have similar results. We are also in discussions regarding the evolution of the in-home services we currently provide, including but not limited to tree and stand installation. This will be the first of its kind within the UK in the two-person home delivery market.

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