We are the UK's leading 2-Person Home Delivery Specialist, delivering around 7,000 orders every day.

A bit about us

Market Leader

We are the leading shared-user 2-person home delivery company in the UK, delivering 2 million customer orders per year. Committed to innovation and continuous improvement – we continue to invest in technology, new services and training.

Relevant Expertise

With a 25 year history, we have performed over 20 million deliveries on behalf of leading retailers and manufacturers. Our commitment is to client management and partnership, developing solutions to meet the changing needs of the retail industry.

Customer Service

Our service delivery teams will, in many cases, be the only face to face interaction customers have throughout the delivery journey; our teams understand the emotional and financial value of the products we deliver and the part they play in upholding your brand reputation.

National Coverage

Our large network of hubs and delivery vehicles means we are able to provide deliveries to 98% of the UK population 6 days a week. We also utilise additional networks to service the hardest to reach areas, including off-shore islands, Channel Islands and Eire.

Extensive Service Offering

With 6-day delivery and collections, we complement this with our in-home services, such as washing machine connection and flat pack assembly, providing you with market differentiation and profit enhancement opportunities.

Award Winning Technology

Our AskAxl tracking web-app allows customers to track their order in real time as their 2-hour time slot dynamically reduces to just 30 minutes. Customers can also see the names of the delivery team who will be delivering their purchase into their home.

Our purpose is to delight our clients by making customers feel special


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