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Our newly built Worcester Hub finally opened its doors to Clients on October 14 after two years of construction following a devastating fire that destroyed the original building on April 20 of 2017. Since then, we have concentrated on rebuilding and ensuring that the new 2-person delivery and warehousing hub is the best in the UK.

Standing at 14 metres tall, twice the height of the previous building, the hub holds over 14,000 pallet spaces and is home to a spacious mezzanine floor which gives us the capacity to warehouse additional Client product.

Rebuilding from scratch has allowed us to completely modernise how we approach delivery and warehousing within the 2-person home delivery sector - giving us a great opportunity for growth.

Colleagues have now transitioned across to the new site and are settling into their new home. Over the course of the last two years, we've managed to retain many of the existing employees who assisted in keeping the business running during the period shortly after the fire.

We are looking forward to enhancing our services and expansion of the business as a whole as a result of opening the Worcester site.



Amber Hodson

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